Welcome! I’m @infinitary and I switch my persona every year, on May 31st.

2023Because I’m Justified & Caremad, I clearly stated that Reductionist attempts to collapse the multitude of my personal wave functions into distinct eigenstates are bound to deliver inadequate observables. As a friendly caveat, just in case. With visuals inspired by the Timelords.
2022With the world going ever more insane I had to aver that i could take double anything you could and that i want the finest thoughts available to humanity and i want them here and i want them now. All that by the unsurpassed Withnail, of course. And this was the year when I moved to Mastodon.
2021Retreating further still from a 3. life out of balance I proclaimed that "Near the day of Purification, there will be cobwebs spun back and forth in the sky". Whereby I was referring to Koyaanisqatsi. And while watching the pieces of the puzzle gently falling into their places, I got rather quiet.
2020My avatar morphed into the renowned Calvinosaurus and my banner said stop learning things, learn to think instead. And I clearly stated my affiliation with Computer Science via the name dijkstrahoareknuth at lolcathost and revealed that my other computer is a turing machine.
2019Thus spoke Zarathustra as a Service in the year of Thought Unleadership. Thereby outed myself as entropy counterer · nonreductionist minimalist · inherently integral · privacy minded · mainstream avoider · curious being · groupthink loather · well caremad.
2018I shall go as i’m too meta for my shirt with the bio sworn code alchemist // principled self-enveloper // continuous discoverer // fan of crystal // friend of beastie // foe of doctrines // single malt advocate. Basing my identity on the Ouroboros was inspired by The End of Source Code.
2017In the guise of Vyvyan Basterd I shall take a candid stance and be called nondoctrinaire af. Because I am. And I warn that I am fiercely truthful and am into FreeBSD, Crystal and fighting for lost causes like privacy and am prone to entering the room through the wall. Happens.
2016Cult as cult gets. This year shall be spent as an homage to the unparalleled Nathan Barley. Hence my name changes to well craftsmanlike and my bio to "self-facilitating coder culture node". In all seriousness though, you must watch the series, it is well proper. Check it out, yeah?
2015This was the year of Fantastic Mr. Fox. Because if it haven’t been blindingly obvious so far, I’m through-and-through British in my heart, in many ways. Take music and visuals for example. Not in culinary taste, obviously. And I’m also a fan of Wes Anderson.
2014I then transmogrified myself and the Smalltalk banner into Chris The Ninja Pirate from the addictive classic series Weebl and Bob. And lo, I spoke "Into code, coders and single malts." and that I lived "’pon the seas". With one of these statements even being factual!
2013Then I turned into Statler and Waldorf, but I soon ran into Redline Smalltalk, and that made me add a banner, because nothing is as productive as Smalltalk, and the App has to run on the Java Virtual Machine. Avatar kindly donated to the amazing James Ladd.
2012In the fourth year I mutated into the Hello Kitty character of the Obey Giant school of imagery. And so I laid down the law with "Coder Kitty Has a Posse" and "in the zone". To be noted is the fact, that this was the year I got Coders Only going.
2011Then, to show my classic education, I put on my tweed jacket. (Tweed sounds like tweet -- got it? I’m funny too!) Alas, they didn’t let me light my pipe, so the picture may feel somewhat fake. And I said "Pipes are a programmer’s best friend." and that I live "in your softwares" (not true).
2010In my second year I became Vince of Rex the Runt, and the most important things I wanted to tell everyone were "Tuesday" and "I like jam". Indeed, only that, because I couldn’t figure out a way to convey the profound nature of my Random Pavarotti Disease in text.
2009I started off as The Mighty Boosh, and used the tagline "My geeky alter ego. Deeply indebted to D. E. Knuth, E. W. Dijkstra and C. A. R. Hoare for their teachings". Teaching TDD is quite an experience coming from this background, if you know what I mean.