The End of Source Code

TL;DR (ex twitter): i see the future with program inferring agents generating our apps and services based on examples as specs and deploying into a function web

The software industry, in most parts, is a middleman, mediating between business needs and working solutions. Most of everything we do revolves around source code that, despite its name, is a mere derivate, wedged between business needs -- that are the real, albeit seldom codified, source -- and working solutions.

Now, imagine spec-language like means for expressing business needs and Artificial Intelligence based inference of working solutions, eliminating the manual creation of and meddling with source code. Express your needs -- get a working solution directly, without the intermediating source code and the costs that come with it.

Then imagine adding this capability to Alexa. That is when our children and parents will become programmers without noticing. That is when programming becomes ubiquituous, that is when source code disappears. And that is when our beloved ones will take our software developer jobs away. And our source code.

That is when after disrupting all other industries, we, software developers, will get disrupted by a machinery of our own making.

The Ouroboros reigns on.