Stray Words

Here are a few thoughts in short form, without any links or references, consider them as friendly conversation starters over a beer…

  • Ahaha, OK, here's the next one to write, it's on how Machine/Deep Learning is imitating learning only, so it's aping.
  • My friends most likely won't agree with this one, but I just have to… The Mobbing Delusion
  • Here's my solution to the privacy/observation/1984 saga, which is… Ubiquitous Data Flow
  • We've ever more things and they're ever better but we're ever more stressed… Progress Equals Stress
  • I was thinking about The End Of Code and came up with a boring name for it… Program Inference

PS: in a bout of continuous perfectionism I deleted all old content and did not get around to write much yet. But hey, there's always the twitters!

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