In Defense of Short Memory

I happen to have short memory and, somewhat interestingly, find that more of a blessing, even to the point that I sometimes wish more people had it, especially in computing, so I wanted to write briefly about this. Really briefly.

What having short memory forces you to do is to economise, to identify and extract abstracts, remember the meta layer only and then reproduce by unfolding on demand, as called for by the situation. This does have its shortcomings, such as being unable to quote sources or give detailed references, but does work, and even adds that unique authenticity that comes from a 100% personal take and a 100% spontaneous presentation.

Why would this be a boon for our industry (and beyond)?

Because software is polluted by egregiously detailed artefacts overflowing with unnecessary details that those with over-average memory capacity find "normal". These people are not forced to economise, hence their products also end up baroque and noisy, overburdening us all. Worse, this noise has an obfuscating effect, it hinders us from recognising clear structures and creating simple, transparent and orthogonal models.

So hereby I propose that only people with short memory should get to make design decisions. Lol.