I Don’t Like Writing About Myself

I was educated in the field of Computer Science, at least half of which consisted of various kinds of Maths, most of them highly revered by me, alas in a rather one-sided affection. And so it came to be that my Holy Trinity of Computering constists of E. W. Dijkstra, C. A. R. Hoare and D. E. Knuth. I have huge respect to them all. Based on these three anchor points one can pretty much triangulate my exact standing in the field.

Then I spent over two decades in the industry, in places small and large, moving around quite a bit, mainly doing back-ends. Six years of that were in Objective-C (on NextStep) which had a rather strong impact on me, also because of the cleanroom inspired methodology and the CRC-cards based design. Then C++, then Java. Nowadays am dabbling in Ruby Elixir Pony Crystal C Rust V Zig Q>> to compensate for my overall lack of programming at work.

I currently live in Zurich – after Budapest, Munich and Perth (Australia). I can be found at various places, as shown on the Contact page. I am not on Facebook et al for I don’t believe that everything I care about would fit under one umbrella. Hence, I write under several other pseudonyms on the internet where I discuss other topics, that don’t fit this professional, geek identity. You have nigh on zero chance of coming across these, though.

I avoid all Google services as well as possible (doing my best reminding others to dump Gmail et al) and thus am a paying customer of ProtonMail, Fruux, Standard Notes and others to avoid feeding that Chief Evil Megacorp. I believe we ought to put our money where our mouth is, stop uploading our precious data into the vaults of dehumanising corporate monsters and support independent products and developers who care about privacy.

Hence I’m also a regular supporter of…

And what causes are you supporting?