Tweets of May 2011
2011.05.02 23:10:41
Turns out, @marick is a masterful agilist fashionista: capable of encoding development practices in ensembles of garments. Code Couture FTW!
2011.05.02 23:13:48
Current status: <on hols with a ridiculously overpriced roaming data plan, so don't expect any pics> (I could though, and nice ones at that)
2011.05.02 23:15:07
Actually, the hotel has a base station in the lobby and they were shocked to learn that it doesn't reach the room on the second floor. Ouch.
2011.05.02 23:22:08
'Woot' is the Justin Timberlake of trendwords. It's lame, shallow and artificial. Do the right thing: fight The Uncool!
2011.05.03 08:34:46
Finding the sweet spot between “don't get too clever with all your Ruby-fu” and “don't just write Java in Ruby” is hard. Let's go Pythoning?
2011.05.03 08:39:28
And this is what I think about on a holiday? What's wrong with me?
2011.05.04 08:39:13
When touring Italy, don't bother to buy a map. You'll get lost anyways. But then, it may be on purpose, for that's the best way to discover.
2011.05.08 23:40:51
Back from holidays. Still have this feeling that I'd go with Sinatra over Rails any day. Magic and convention remind me too much of Maven:-)
2011.05.09 00:09:59
@baroquebobcat Dunno, just a feeling. Burnt myself too many times on the exploding complexity of full stack fwks in the latter part of 80-20
2011.05.09 21:19:28
@coreyhaines When's the next time you plan to be near Switzerland?
2011.05.09 23:04:19
@coreyhaines No problems, just post your travel plans here, then I'll see if I can organise something.
2011.05.10 00:39:07
I must admit, it was nice having this view for a week: http://...
2011.05.10 00:49:31
@cratylus Siena. Kind of a posh villa-hotel on the outskirts. Good food and all. But we missed the sea.
2011.05.10 01:35:27
Is it acceptable not trying out Org-mode for fearing it may drag me back into the past and make me use Emacs again? (Pls. answer only 'Yes')
2011.05.11 23:58:28
iWant an iHorn too!!! RT @chrismdp: Beautiful, elegant acoustic amplifier for iPhone. No moving parts. http://... /via @dariuspocha
2011.05.12 18:30:37
RT @jbrains: If you don't see a gift economy evolve in your team, perhaps something ain't workin'. #xp2011
2011.05.12 19:55:58
Who came up with this gift economy meme? As if Agile wasn't hard enough to sell to mgmt. Let's call it GEDD: Gift Economy Driven Development
2011.05.12 23:52:25
Anything by Borges gets an RT from me:-) RT @rudytheelder: Borges: A Map the size of a Country. http://...
2011.05.13 07:59:06
RT @RonJeffries: Why remove duplication? Because duplicated code embodies an idea which it does not express directly. Extract and name it.
2011.05.13 18:40:10
@marick Nah, it's cool. Just don't give the idea that Agile is some sort of covert commie operation that's all about blowing their monies:-)
2011.05.13 22:58:54
I've got two more weeks to go as Vince (of Rex the Runt). At the end of May, I'll perform my annual avatar change ritual. I'll stay British.
2011.05.13 23:01:33
Someone should write a Test Double framework and name things properly. Maybe in Ruby. Maybe me. Maybe…
2011.05.13 23:49:40
Nice one Apple, that move with the exclusive iMac HDs. Any price info yet? Also, reliability LOL! Two components of the iMac failed on me:-/
2011.05.13 23:52:29
I may have a fork and a knife, but what I really fancy is jam!
2011.05.14 11:22:03
RT @unclebobmartin: try blocks should contain one line - a function call - and nothing should precede the try besides variable declarations.
2011.05.14 12:50:26
@marick Oh, noes! We left my daughter's favourite new hat from Tuscany on a train. There were tears. Then she promptly got a new one here:-)
2011.05.14 12:55:15
@alblue @unclebobmartin I, for one, RTd it after having fought a 20+ lines try block with 5+ various types of exceptions. Exception == goto!
2011.05.14 15:21:00
@alblue @unclebobmartin I find, nothing much improves sloppy programmers, who chuck everything into badly scoped, oversize blocks of code:-)
2011.05.14 20:13:02
@marick LOL, decades ago! Same as Ibiza and the British. We never holiday at any of those. Menorca is refreshingly neutral and unspoiled.
2011.05.14 22:23:49
Gaddafi blew it. He only should've threatened taking down and they would've left him alone. New: Twitter saving regimes for a change.
2011.05.14 22:26:06
This URL speaks for iself: http://...
2011.05.14 22:47:49
No, I'm not watching Eurovision. But I'm all for JEdward!!!
2011.05.15 01:41:21
Long time ago, before I took up programming, I played in a TV series. Here are some of my scenes: http://... /cc @marick
2011.05.15 01:48:09
Of course, my Random Pavarotti Disease has improved. But I still like jam. And in two weeks, I'll morph into a different character again.
2011.05.15 21:04:37
@marick Thank you so much. It was our pleasure (without the cliche part). And the kids also got tired in the process, so all is well:-)))
2011.05.15 21:10:53
And now back to hacking Wordpress. Around halfway between taking out the trash and writing Ruby. Yay: it's better than taking out the trash!
2011.05.15 21:26:51
Autoupdate log. Firefox 4: fail. Sublime Text 2: win. Paying for software can be worth it after all!
2011.05.16 08:08:38
@dcouvering Yeah, it's nice to have one but I keep forgetting about setting it high. Idea: make sure it's got an API to set a timer on it:-)
2011.05.16 19:55:46
Most of the … RT @marick: At times, Java makes things needlessly complicated.
2011.05.17 19:46:47
Do it or don't - there's no TODO.
2011.05.17 20:14:21
@difficultsounds With all due respect: 'difficult'? :-)
2011.05.17 21:05:21
Fix it or don't - there's no FIXME!
2011.05.17 22:28:40
Looks like dancing is cool nowadays amongst softwareists. First @marick with tango, now Herb Sutter with lambada: http://...
2011.05.17 23:27:22
@mfeathers You mean, you don't have Nutella over there?
2011.05.19 08:50:06
OMG, scary RT @daringfireball: Twitter’s Shit Sandwich: http://...
2011.05.19 08:53:00
A strange thing happened after some TDD-ing: just realised, I don't recall any code, only tests. Is that supposed to happen? Feeling dizzy.
2011.05.19 08:53:37
Also: code is simple, tests are hard.
2011.05.19 08:55:13
Also: Christmas Carol of Dr. Who (despite Matt Smith:-) was teh suck. Now planning to start with the current season and hoping for the best.
2011.05.20 08:52:39
Oh, the blasphemy: RT @GordonMcGregor: @counternotions maybe? http://...
2011.05.20 22:56:51
Not inspired to tweet.
2011.05.21 21:10:34
@marick Come on, you were in the ferris wheel - weren't you? :-)
2011.05.21 22:40:37
I am a truly avant-garde programmer if I code to baroque tunes - right?
2011.05.21 22:51:22
I mean, I used to prefer real deep stuff but Detroit just has gone down - hasn't it?
2011.05.23 13:30:16
Is the internet on?
2011.05.23 15:16:45
I regretfully inform the world that I'm utterly uninterested in the keeping-things-running part of existence and only enjoy building things
2011.05.23 19:56:13
The kind of CI we're running is more like throwing a colored dice in a board game. (Save for my mockist tests that are expressive and solid)
2011.05.23 19:57:39
And we paid people to set this up. “If it failed, you start it again until it goes green again.” COL! (Does that stand for Crying Out Loud?)
2011.05.23 19:58:17
Srsly. Can I start using COL now?
2011.05.23 20:02:52
@garybernhardt PS: 1) my session regularly gets closed after a while 2) clicking the download link takes me to 'Register' instead of 'Login'
2011.05.23 20:03:16
@garybernhardt PS: 3) Loving the screencasts:-)))
2011.05.23 20:04:32
I.e. Crying Out Loud. RT @infinitary: Srsly. Can I start using COL now?
2011.05.23 20:59:54
@raelifin Cool. 1) I don't believe minds will ever be quantified scientifically. 2) I, for one, think philosophy is a self-referential maze.
2011.05.23 21:22:50
Do you remember all those “a full meltdown can never happen in the Japanese reactors, because…” blog posts? I do.
2011.05.23 21:43:36
Guilty as charged: I do have paid apps on the iPhone I haven't used yet. But we're supposed to show it to those freetards on Android, right?
2011.05.23 22:34:08
The kind of CI we're running is more like throwing a colored dice in a board game. (Save for my mockist tests that are expressive and solid)
2011.05.23 22:36:07
Wow, either Osfoora or Twitter dropped that last one. It's supposed to be before “we paid people to set this up”. And I paid for Osfoora:-)
2011.05.24 08:55:21
Re. that hiring programmers like drivers thing: I saw more of “what did you drive before?” “VW” “naah, we want someone with BMW experience”.
2011.05.24 16:10:37
Maven? Release plugin??? Deep dark Dave Clarke mix to the rescue!!!
2011.05.25 18:22:01
Do you know the feeling, when after a long, hard day of fighting Maven you finally make it do what you want? Well, I didn't have that today.
2011.05.25 20:12:17
+1 RT @coreyhaines: … My primary goal is fast tests. These lead to design pressures which make my design better. There are other ways, too
2011.05.26 19:55:56
My oldest bottle of whisky is the one I like least. Caol Ila, 25. But it's kinda good: next time I can get two bottles for the same price:-)
2011.05.26 21:12:46
Why exactly does the iMac ship with brightness keys? The difference is hardly noticeable. Or should I perhaps take my sunglasses off?
2011.05.26 21:47:32
According to CODE IS POETRY. I like these people a lot. And they also have an autoupdater feature.
2011.05.26 21:56:27
Think I'd need a course on Firebug.
2011.05.27 20:30:47
@coreyhaines @marick @patmaddox Yeah, we realised that. Although, one could refactor into a sparse list-based bignum-indexed implementation.
2011.05.27 20:39:32
I might not be on of the Gods but I do get to eat their chocolate.
2011.05.27 21:05:29
What's really interesting about all these end-of-the-world prophecies, that none of them picks a year like 4321. What could be the reason?
2011.05.27 21:07:04
On the upside, Twitter OAuth on the iPhone may force me to actually use all those clients I bought, for my various accounts.
2011.05.27 21:07:16
Dear every iOS app, please provide a “Save image” for pictures and a “Copy link” for URLs.
2011.05.27 21:09:33
I'm pretty sure Matt Smith is an outstanding Doctor. I'm not so sure about Steven Moffat as a writer. He's messy and overloads his stories.
2011.05.27 21:33:58
What exactly is Bluetooth good for if my wireless mouse needs a USB stub?
2011.05.28 08:10:32
I do so much preparation, it almost feels like I'm avoiding work. A note to self: “The MacBook setup is fine already. Begin programming!”
2011.05.28 08:15:08
I don't understand those obsessed with peak oil. We must have plenty of oil left if we still have all these pointless car races - right?
2011.05.28 11:29:00
Seriously: should I use an IDE with Ruby or go with a cool editor instead? Is enough refactoring goodness around to make it worth switching?
2011.05.28 11:47:50
@jamesladd Thanks. Is that RubyMine? You're not the first to recommend IntelliJ. Re. “other things”: will it scratch my back? :-)
2011.05.28 13:14:50
@marick No, you were good. Points taken.
2011.05.28 13:52:08
Thinking about reverting to the default key map of Sublime Text 2. But: how many different maps fit in memory? And in a tiny one, like mine?
2011.05.28 13:53:59
Oh, btw. here's the dissappoint: http://...
2011.05.28 13:55:06
And here's something fractalicious: http://...
2011.05.28 23:06:39
Dear javascript writers everywhere: it is possible to catch and handle a right-click in the browser. Kthxbai
2011.05.28 23:17:23
Of course, to be really funky, Transmit should flash the lights on the truck while copying in the background. (I like it without that too:-)
2011.05.28 23:21:52
There's this Twitter client app - Tweetings - whose login was really bothering me. Now, that's the only one using OAuth. Soon all will suck.
2011.05.28 23:23:56
On a positive note, Aptana 3 seems a lot more robust than before. (Apologies to all recommending RubyMine, I'm trying to stick to Eclipse.)
2011.05.29 17:42:23
@marick Yeah, hobby gardens to grow your own, do BBQs, etc. Can be rented from the council, they're real cheap (but there are waiting lists)
2011.05.29 22:59:57
A foo walks into a bar.
2011.05.30 22:49:53
It's nice to that Fn+Delete is delete-position on the Mac. It'd be even nicer if it'd work everywhere.
2011.05.30 22:53:27
Also, there's a reason for having designated Home, End, Page keys - which is allowing to combine them with modifiers. #applekeyboardmapsucks
2011.05.30 22:53:54
Without advanced finger-olympics, that is.
2011.05.30 23:20:28
Can I presume that the hinge of a Macbook won't get loose? It feels awfully soft.
2011.05.31 18:36:48
To be precise, it's 148 - like my follow limit:-) RT @akuhn: Big data proves Dunbar’s number, http://... via @danielko #bigdata
2011.05.31 23:18:00
So that was a fun year, but now let's say goodbye to Vince and welcome Philosoraptor!
2011.05.31 23:22:37
In my third year on Twitter I'll be really wise and all that.
2011.05.31 23:33:10
Productivity by Spring: 1hr unit tests, 1hr coding, 2hrs wrestling xml in a bottomless hole filled with a lasagna of layers of indirections.
2011.05.31 23:34:20
Yay for Philosoraptor!!!


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