Tweets of January 2011
2011.01.01 21:00:38
My predictions for 2011: there's going to be more of everything.
2011.01.01 21:13:36
Starting the new prime year on a high. http://...
2011.01.01 21:15:31
Indeed. Except for that lame 'woot' at the end.
2011.01.03 22:26:00
@refractalize So you're from Perth? I've spent six amazing years there: the bestest place ever! More pics please?
2011.01.04 13:12:32
.@marick @polgfred Believers gonna believe.
2011.01.04 14:52:51
Whoever coined “Global Warming” must be having second thoughts. When afraid of ending up with some freaky weather, name it “Freaky Weather”.
2011.01.04 22:03:28
@KevlinHenney Yeah, LOL, and it's totally pointless anyways but this happens if one ignores the Holy Script! See http://...
2011.01.04 22:08:35
@pl4n3 A heartwarming movie, a real gem. Too bad, it's such a rarity. My first Blueray disk - still have no player though!
2011.01.04 22:17:36
Why would anyone in their right mind want to host on Windows?
2011.01.04 23:55:43
Playmate Barbie aka the definition of tautology.
2011.01.05 09:57:24
@pl4n3 Forgot another rare virtue: it's calm. They're not rushing it, there's a Tarkovsky grade serenity. – Now I want to watch it again:-)
2011.01.05 23:07:03
Too many appear to be getting this wrong, so let me assert it once and for all: the two hardest problems in computing are Off by One Errors.
2011.01.06 11:45:42
Let me see… Is there a Finder Replacement category? RT @iA Introducing the Mac App Store: http://...
2011.01.06 18:44:53
RT @natpryce “Dependency Injection” Considered Harmful: http://...
2011.01.06 21:59:11
IOC good, DI bad, code is King.
2011.01.06 22:16:08
2011.01.06 22:32:54
The amount of things that make no sense but are unavoidable just keeps on growing. Daylight saving, EU, Java frameworks. This spells trouble
2011.01.06 22:59:59
What is that drink Starbucks sells instead of coffee and what do they make it from?
2011.01.06 23:02:03
What is that thing McDonalds sells instead of burgers and what do they make it from?
2011.01.06 23:07:17
How is it possible that no one bought ARM yet?
2011.01.06 23:55:07
Well, yeah, I'm still on hols with the family. Fun times are tiresome though. http://...
2011.01.07 01:16:13
OMG +1 RT @claymill I'm kind of disturbed that this blog has so much material less than 24 hours into the Mac App Store. http://...
2011.01.07 22:38:09
And that's why I use duckduckgo. RT @markhneedham @joelg87 “Google, the once essential tool, is somehow losing its edge.” http://...
2011.01.08 09:11:06
Optimizing for the 1%: RT @kirstinbutler U.S. passports to replace “Mother” and “Father” with “Parent 1” and “Parent 2” http://...
2011.01.08 09:14:41
Going to reread “Collapse of Complex Societies” to check whether EROEI applies in the case of correctness-driven optimizations for the 1%.
2011.01.09 21:12:31
Should I be envious? Right now I kind of am. RT @mfeathers A jaw-dropping article about parenting: http://... /via @avibryant
2011.01.09 21:14:31
Well then, that was my first tweet with Twittelator. My beloved TwitBird is buggy more often than not nowadays. The fallback remains Osfoora
2011.01.09 21:29:49
Re. education. Slacking off will make you lose - sooner or later. On the other hand, I have doubts about children under drill. I am confused
2011.01.09 21:34:59
RT @markhneedham RT @mathewi: if you read WSJ piece on Chinese mothers, also read this, especially @christinelu's answer: http://...
2011.01.09 21:39:46
Btw. just played a bit with the font selection of Twittelator. What are those crappy, unusable fonts doing on my iPhone? Who put them there?
2011.01.09 21:42:04
Also, it beats me just why any other fonts but Helvetica are on the iPhone. I tried pretty much all of them and none are nearly as readable.
2011.01.09 22:38:07
I've just tried all iPhone clients. Dear #lazyweb, is it possible that only TwitBird displays the unread count of multiple accounts? Fail:-/
2011.01.09 23:01:34
“When a civilization abandons its morality, no rationalization can be devised to justify its continued existence.” from http://...
2011.01.10 08:07:51
RT @carlfish Java classloading. Positioned somewhere on the map between “Here be dragons” and “Abandon hope ye who enter”
2011.01.10 18:22:41
Not having done it, I'm mentally projecting the ways pair programming may and may not work. Getting more images of the 'not' kind. E.g.: …
2011.01.10 18:23:47
“Pair programming is a balancing act between managing code and managing the pair that you’re working with.” http://... Sounds bad.
2011.01.10 18:24:51
“Logic cannot formulate in quite the same way that it does in one, totally focussed brain.” http://... Sounds worse.
2011.01.10 18:26:48
“When I was at the keyboard, I got dumber.” http://... Sounds even worse, because I know it from experience, I'd end up like that.
2011.01.10 18:29:06
Then there's the limited mentoring potential (something I was hoping for), the people factor (something I was afraid of) and the noise.
2011.01.10 18:30:21
Pair programming - my considered gut feeling : 0 - 1.
2011.01.10 21:20:50
@marick Don't get me wrong, I'm willing to try it – am just trying to figure out, how to start with the least chance of things going awry.
2011.01.10 21:25:34
@marick Please read on, I'll try to summarise some of my (perhaps peculiar) concerns…
2011.01.10 21:28:34
PairProg: I'm afraid of losing the space for free roaming ideas, brief or (if time permits) longer researches and meandering experiments.
2011.01.10 21:31:32
PairProg: I'm wary of a potential short-sighted focus on narrow-minded productivity without the view to the integrity of the whole product.
2011.01.10 21:33:26
PairProg: I'd hate living in the straightjacket of full alignment of personal time patterns (which just like sleep come with tides and lows)
2011.01.10 21:35:50
PairProg: I may be peculiar but I find it good like that – and have learned to be more worried of conformists, i.e. those not peculiar.
2011.01.10 21:44:34
And the search results are good - duckduckgo FTW! RT @raganwald: Google tracks you. We don't. An illustrated guide. http://... #fb
2011.01.10 22:02:30
@haruki_zaemon Good on you. I'm hoping for the same for myself. Still feel that the outcome depends on the personalities involved though.
2011.01.10 22:04:23
@haruki_zaemon Sorry, oversaw your first sentence. Personal it is:-)
2011.01.10 22:18:17
@haruki_zaemon OMG - pair programming is an addiction? :-D
2011.01.10 22:22:44
@jamesladd @haruki_zaemon Pair programming to Sinatra? FTW! I'd love to - also, because I miss Oz - but I'm several continents away:-(
2011.01.10 23:09:31
@marick Thanxalot for all the advices, will keep them in mind. Btw. is it OK to start with half day sessions only, to allow post-processing?
2011.01.10 23:13:22
Courtesy of recommendations by kind softwareists, the current score is: Pair programming - my considered and adjusted gut feeling : 1 - 1.
2011.01.10 23:18:01
I'll be coding again soon: good. In a Java project: ahem. I'll get to run a TDD workshop: good. With not much time to prepare: ahem. (2 - 2)
2011.01.11 09:05:12
@pl4n3 I'm a fan of white teas. Refreshing, lighter than rooibos and supposedly good for you. Tea ceremonies are the perfect break at work.
2011.01.11 09:11:09
Must memorise this… RT @codinghorror: “My software never has bugs. It just develops random features.”
2011.01.11 11:31:44
New HP desktop, headphone out is wobbly: wtf. Found new iPhone cover, about to order it: yay. The Fall are still worth listening to: wow.
2011.01.11 19:04:37
While Hudson is held hostage, Jenkins jumps ship. RT @hudsonci: Hudson's future http://... #general
2011.01.11 22:03:17
I wonder how did Facebook or Google react? RT @daringfireball Ryan Singel: ‘Twitter’s Response to WikiLeaks Subpoena …’: http://...
2011.01.11 22:06:27
The glorious boys and their cunning master probably forgot to add subpoenas to their interpretation of “do no evil”. Clever hypocrites.
2011.01.11 22:10:32
When people ask why I don't work at Google, they're surprised that I consider them just as revolting as Microsoft, but a lot more dangerous.
2011.01.11 22:33:02
@stevie_chambers You made me worry for a moment there but I've just checked and: he didn't follow me. Or do you feel that Google is The Eye?
2011.01.12 00:14:46
@stevie_chambers Tools: good. Hidden agenda: scary. Hypocrisy: appalling. They should improve search instead - it's only getting worse.
2011.01.12 00:46:10
“No-one wants your steenking software” RT @martinfowler: … examination of the software craftsmanship idea: http://... @tastapod
2011.01.12 00:48:57
Proof of the monopol of Google search? How they totally stopped developing it. It's all like IE6 again - is duckduckgo going to be firefox?
2011.01.12 00:54:59
That Software Craftsmanship paper by @tastapod is totally worth reading: http://...
2011.01.12 00:56:33
Software Craftsmanship didn't take off because it's navel-gazing.
2011.01.12 01:40:13
Kudos to Brisbane Times: the site is snappy and up to date. Relatives live high though so I should probably calm down and go to bed instead.
2011.01.12 09:04:48
I would *not* have liked one of the programs in Tron:Legacy to have been a guy just standing there and dumping core all the time.
2011.01.12 10:16:31
Dear Oracle, to save us lots of tedious renaming, please let go of Hudson (which as a hollow shell won't bring much profit to you anyways).
2011.01.12 10:19:28
@will_sargent Yeah, it isn't black-or-white but http://... resonated with my feelings on the manifesto too in many ways. Had to:-)
2011.01.12 17:46:32
Maven has been downloading the internet for about an hour now. I'm watching the log view and silently worry that it might run out of lines.
2011.01.12 17:51:15
Seriously now. What's wrong with software? The Eiffel Tower doesn't have this many screws and bolts! Wasting bits is pollution too.
2011.01.12 21:38:34
@bramcohen Or rather, the one they use on the touch screen.
2011.01.12 23:03:53
The best modern music in the universe is to be had at http://...
2011.01.13 09:00:48
@jamesladd Yeah, LOLZ, they don't even teach them Roman numerics at school anymore:-)
2011.01.13 09:03:46
My good times will come when the brightness of LCDs will actually span a range with a noticeable difference between darkest and brightest.
2011.01.13 18:44:32
It turns out, there's no dental coverage in the health insurance in Switzerland. Aka the land of most expensive dentists ever. Uncheerful:-/
2011.01.13 18:51:08
@dcouvering That would only hsppen in a *truely* free market economy. I.e. in fairytales:-)
2011.01.13 18:56:18
There are so many layers of protectionalism in economy and lobbying in politics, it's surprising our “capitalist democracies” are tolerated.
2011.01.13 22:06:05
So I'll have to condense three books' worth of material into a half-day course. Inclusive some training. Suicide mission or radiant victory?
2011.01.13 22:08:30
@codinghorror It's about time for the next one to be called http://... :-)
2011.01.13 22:12:44
@tottinge I'll have to watch out not to rush it. Keep it in the awareness & orientation zone and not go into information overload. Methinks.
2011.01.13 22:16:49
@codinghorror But if all I have on me is the iPhone? Then at least add http://...! With colors and funny noises!!!
2011.01.13 22:28:50
Interesting how this meme keeps on reappearing every week or so.
2011.01.13 22:35:41
I think I've gone insane. Just blocked the most gorgeous babe ever! Now it will torment me forever: what if she was really interested in me?
2011.01.13 22:37:26
Perhaps I'm not a nerd (I mean not a nerdy dog with a strange singing disease) after all but an actually interesting and attractive person?
2011.01.13 22:41:17
Btw. because most of you probably don't know it: my name is Vince and I suffer from Random Pavarotti Disease. And no, it's not infectious.
2011.01.14 09:01:32
@counternotions Come on, it's an easy job. I'd just say “we're lying hypocrites but so are you so let's get in bed”.
2011.01.14 09:06:28
Today my fate takes me to wrestle a yak that goes by many names. Some call it “A Messy Enterprise Project”. Others, “The Hellhole of Maven”.
2011.01.14 10:05:38
And no, that's definitely no yak shaving any more. Wrestling the hairy (and smelly) beasts is infinitely less fun.
2011.01.14 10:08:14
What does it tell us that every solution comes with even bigger problems of its own? 1: Wrong problem. 2: Wrong approach. 3: Wrong solution.
2011.01.14 19:16:25
So what is the equivalent of The Mighty Boosh nowadays?
2011.01.15 08:14:41
If you know of someone else on twitter let me know: according to Dunbar I've got an opening in my follow list.
2011.01.15 08:17:59
Half of all EU laws make no sense at all: RT @andy_pols I've joined the fish fight http://... This eu law make no sense at all
2011.01.15 08:25:56
What else has Google given the world? The realisation that Netscape vs. Microsoft wasn't the end of corporations corrupting web standards:-/
2011.01.15 10:46:27
God, I live the morning hours when the US is not awake yet. I actually get to read stuff but tweets.
2011.01.15 14:55:56
Since when is Animal Collective shopping mall music?!?
2011.01.15 19:32:31
At the children's book section today: illustrated Bibles, memoirs of Justin Bieber and vampire romances. I worry for the future.
2011.01.16 19:00:12
If I were King, I'd order everything to close on Sundays. Yes, the internets too. No, not for religious reasons.
2011.01.17 06:59:07
Is there a small to mid-sized sample Ruby (not Rails) project somewhere with tests?
2011.01.17 07:05:37
Yay, fonts! Wait … No monotype? What are they good for? RT @Vaguery: actually quite deeply and broadly geeked by this http://...
2011.01.17 07:08:46
@jamesladd Thanks, I'll check it out at work!
2011.01.17 08:41:10
@haruki_zaemon I'm preparing a unit testing course and thought of doing the exercises on an actual project.
2011.01.17 09:22:04
SourceForge is where projects go to die.
2011.01.17 10:14:12
@haruki_zaemon Yeah, hamsters are often like that. Thanks anyways:-)
2011.01.17 10:23:58
I'm all for fonts and for paying for the software I use, but dear Pragmata: 70 euros is way out of the reasonable zone.
2011.01.17 11:12:31
Plugins can be added to Eclipse by copying them into a 'dropin' folder but can't be removed? Even stackoverflow has only despair on offer:-(
2011.01.17 11:14:55
Actually, that should've been a flaming mad smiley.
2011.01.17 11:25:01
@haruki_zaemon Easy to drive (run/demo) and tests with ample space for playing around with fixture styles and double types.
2011.01.17 11:28:13
@alblue Thanks, will check it out. Have a workspace that was set up with Subclipse but will get rid of it b/c it collides with my SVN client
2011.01.17 18:12:32
@davetron5000 That would add another layer of abstraction and I'm going in on the shallow end. (I need exercises for a unit testing course)
2011.01.17 19:15:45
@davetron5000 There ain't no such thing as 'too small' where I'm right now. Just need an engine for showing fixture and double variations.
2011.01.17 19:17:52
@plogfred Just don't tell this to the astronauts:-)
2011.01.18 09:01:16
I prefer this to the Manifesto: RT @unclebobmartin: Software Craftsmanship: What it's all about. http://...
2011.01.18 19:24:37
Will it install without admin rights? Will it work behind corporate proxies? Etc. RT @Eccra: How awesome is this! http://...
2011.01.18 19:25:34
Been fighting with Ruby in Eclipse all day. Seriously, people: things are in a shameful state of affairs. Ever heard of “it just works”? No.
2011.01.18 19:27:18
All this half-baken hobbyware won't take us far if various infrastructural edge-cases won't be covered. You know, the 80% in the 80/20 rule.
2011.01.18 21:30:32
@Eccra No worries, I wasn't addressing the questions to you. Just spent a day trying to get a Ruby setup going and it involved smelly yaks:)
2011.01.18 21:34:46
If you need to know how to get gem working behind an authorized firewall, contact me. I found the one page on the internet that explains it.
2011.01.18 21:40:16
Seriously, internet: you're way too high on quantity and way too low in quality. I know, it's in your nature, still. I'm disappointed.
2011.01.18 21:42:04
Here's what I learned today: whoever's going to invent a semantic redundancy eliminator for the web, is going to be filthy rich. Deservedly.
2011.01.18 21:51:10
@jamesladd Clicked through tens of pages prescribing the same lame simple case solutions in the search to for some advanced troubleshooting.
2011.01.18 21:52:50
@jamesladd Important and relevant information on the web is like a needle in a haystack.
2011.01.18 21:54:25
@mfeathers And beloved! I'll love him/her/it, anyways:-)
2011.01.18 21:59:21
@jamesladd Ah, yet another topical-graphical-navigator? Let's hope this one's for the 21st century. Or 22nd. Thanx, I'll ask Ken tomorrow:-)
2011.01.18 22:03:53
@jamesladd The real help would be if someone deleted all those pages parroting useless crap. Then the internet would fit on a floppy disk:-D
2011.01.19 10:17:37
Courtesy of Twitter I now follow more personal blogs than ever: 172. Yay for information overload!
2011.01.19 16:29:45
Discovered, that Readability can be used for printing blogs that otherwise break FF. Now, let's think of something else to fill this to 140.
2011.01.19 16:32:29
Reading a book that uses the same font (Times?) for everything, incl. code and diagrams. And I mean extensive code. And I paid money for it.
2011.01.19 18:36:12
If I still love Ruby despite the abuses I suffered from its various children yesterday, it must mean that a) Ruby rocks or b) I'm an idiot.
2011.01.19 23:23:48
@coreyhaines So is Groupon running some Ponzi scheme then?
2011.01.19 23:37:15
If all you have is a nail, you won't be able to hammer it into a wall.
2011.01.21 19:18:57
Because “Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Unit Testing in Half a Day” was too easy to prepare, now I'll explain concurrency in 30 mins
2011.01.21 19:41:11
My plans for the weekend (evenings) are as follows. Tonight: working, Saturday: whisky, Sunday: working. Real life appears to be losing 1:2.
2011.01.21 21:29:17
The programming language I'll design will follow the “if it hurts, you're doing it wrong” mantra of TDD. Meaning: it won't have exceptions.
2011.01.21 21:46:48
@polgfred No, surprisingly I've got the feeling there's no need for that. Two underlying reasons: no invisible zipping through and no gotos.
2011.01.21 22:24:31
ACTA is scary. See http://... for what they're up to and what you can do about it.
2011.01.21 22:27:11
Also, for anyone not having forgotten how to follow feeds, I profoundly recommend to subscribe to http://...
2011.01.21 22:29:34
The upside of there being plenty of historic Buddhist teachers is that I'm not in danger of running out of password material.
2011.01.22 02:28:10
I'd prefer new Young Ones, but won't complain… RT @AlanBaxter: OMFG. New series of Red Dwarf! http://...
2011.01.22 02:39:58
@alblue Finished my “Authoritative Concurrency Legendarium In 30 Minutes”. And definitely don't feel like working any more over the weekend.
2011.01.22 02:41:01
@alblue And what I meant by that: kudos to you:-)
2011.01.22 10:13:55
TV? Internet? Visual Basic? RT @counternotions: … over past 20,000 years, avg brain of … humans … shrank 10-15% http://...
2011.01.22 13:35:12
And I like !so (stackoverflow). RT @tooky: so I like - needed a search to be google uk so I tried !googleuk and it worked
2011.01.22 13:46:56
@Vaguery It's worth the effort:-) On the other hand, the DVD of my (very British) family (Rex the Runt) is Region 1. My own family memories!
2011.01.23 15:53:35
Just spent some rather long time in a large room decorated with three giant Nympheas by Monet. Seriously thorough recreational activity.
2011.01.23 21:59:40
Dear EMC, creator of the RSA SecurID token generator: I hereby nominate you for the Least Ergonomic Gadget Ever price. You deserve to win it
2011.01.23 22:57:18
Why am I not trending?!?
2011.01.23 23:11:04
RT @cratylus: Nothing that doesn't come from the centre of your soul is worth jack shit.
2011.01.24 12:19:41
I so wanted to love Console.exe - it can e.g. be resized horizontally - but then it loses the bottom row after resizing vertically:-/
2011.01.24 12:20:13
Yeah, I know: I didn't contribute so I'll shut up.
2011.01.24 13:29:18
OK, so it turns out that the MySQL prompt messed up the Console window. Glad to go back: I love transparency!
2011.01.24 19:39:12
Thou shalt not use patterns thou can not arriveth at naturally.
2011.01.25 09:08:43
A good read. RT @rgaidot: SSL is not about encryption http://...
2011.01.25 14:53:23
Yet again, the C# notation of usage-centric in/out seems more intuitive than the subject-centric super/extends of Java for co(ntra)variance.
2011.01.25 19:36:52
The advantage of Ruby is that it's moving ahead. In other words, something's constantly broken. I'm torn in a love-hate relationship - help!
2011.01.25 19:39:25
I wonder whether all the people welcoming the current revolts did think about what usually follows in places like that. Hint: not democracy.
2011.01.25 21:14:56
And the total cost grows exponentially! RT @projectileboy: Every layer of abstraction, every level of indirection, has a value, and a cost.
2011.01.25 21:22:03
I wonder where “Report Spam” lands in Twitter. Hopefully not in /dev/null.
2011.01.25 23:40:49
And I guess I'm the only one in the Universe who has a problem with Ruby's FILE being relative path at times. Thanks for the great docs.
2011.01.25 23:48:00
Is it that people write buggy code or that they're be ashamed of the ugliness of File.absolute_path(File.dirname(FILE))?
2011.01.26 01:35:49
I refuse to add that fugliness to my Ruby files - I'll rather mess with RUBYLIB instead. Seriously: is Ruby enterprise ready?
2011.01.26 01:38:20
Oh, and forgot to mention: couldn't get any of the Eclipse based Ruby environments running on the locked down corporate boxes we to live on.
2011.01.26 01:41:27
But it's not all doom: I prepared a quite decent vim-like setup with a handmade test wrapper watchdog - in batch! Time to get some sleep…
2011.01.26 08:44:47
I'm as meta as it gets.
2011.01.26 14:23:25
Usability fail: a context menu that pretty soon won't fit any more vertically on the screen. Solution by experts: make it wrap or scroll:-(
2011.01.26 18:53:52
Rearranging the Roman Numerals kata so that it avoids the huge logic explosion (10% to 90% in completeness) isn't easy. But I shall prevail.
2011.01.26 23:02:35
Your clever quote of someone else is not clever.
2011.01.27 00:33:42
Managed to flatten the complexity growth of the Roman Numerals kata to 10% - 50% - 90%. Not quite perfect, but way better. Want to know how?
2011.01.27 13:18:19
I take much delight in supporting the local economy of Bunnahabhain.
2011.01.27 14:49:36
No kudos for Matz on consistency of names though: see each_line vs swapcase in String. Makes it harder to come up with a good naming scheme.
2011.01.27 21:38:51
@polgfred I don't know sh*t about them but would say that @unfolding singlehandedly makes it worth staying on tumblr:-)
2011.01.27 21:41:15
My recipe for avoiding keeping all my eggs in one basket is a concerted effort to establish myself as an educator. Wow, that sounds bollocks
2011.01.27 21:49:45
I'll open a software repository and only allow stuff in that's got real usability and graceful ways of failing in adversity. It'll be empty.
2011.01.27 22:00:24
I'm dreaming of Scuttle delivering the features has. No, I don't contribute, so I won't complain. But one can dream…
2011.01.27 22:06:50
I don't want to say anything bad about Eclipse but it often makes me long for vim. Because to Emacs I won't go back. I guess I'm kinda stuck.
2011.01.28 06:26:32
@jamesladd Really? I may give it another try then. Did play with it once and found it not really intuitive. But then probably I'm strange:-)
2011.01.28 06:28:23
For all the talk about delivering solutions, I sometimes feel we just love beautiful code. At least I do.
2011.01.28 09:29:48
Dear software, your unrelenting lack of intelligible error messages troubles and disheartens me.
2011.01.28 13:19:07
Anyone tweeting 'woot' is running the risk of an unfollow. (And don't get all smartypants on me: I can't unfollow myself.)
2011.01.28 22:15:43
And the libraries. And the directory I've just been in. And… RT @Arlen No. *You're* the computer, *You* tell *me* where the class file is.
2011.01.28 22:50:24
About to buy RubyMine to support the good cause of an independent software shop creating tools of value. And you know, I could work there;-)
2011.01.28 22:52:18
I do have some problem with freetardism. People should put their money where their mouth is. In particular in software.
2011.01.29 01:41:01
It's not that it's bad that Davos is going to have an influence on the world. It's just that there's nothing good we can expect from it.
2011.01.29 13:07:25
I was told I'm a catalyst. And that in a good sense! I'll take the opportunity and go to a Kruder & Dorfmeister gig tonight.
2011.01.29 20:46:34
And I still have a crate of LPs I should somehow rip.
2011.01.29 22:00:41
@davetron5000 I find Sennheisers have correct and comfortable sound, not the clearest and definitely not exciting. Perfect work headphones:)
2011.01.30 15:59:16
A business idea for free: a museum for families, with knobs and buttons that flash lights when tweaked or pressed. No other exhibits needed.
2011.01.31 08:26:03
Being a nonconformist with an eye for aesthetics does have its advantages when creating presentations. Lasting imprints elude bullet points.
2011.01.31 08:29:15
And as usual, I'm impressed with how expressive the results of my roman converter kata are in Ruby. I wouldn't even want to try it in Java.
2011.01.31 14:34:58
The biggest lie in Spring DI samples? Code and config being neatly listed below each other. Instead of both being hidden in a maze of files!
2011.01.31 14:36:55
The degree of cheating and the hidden damage of the dismemberment is enough for me to revoke the justfication of Spring DI. Hah. Like I can.
2011.01.31 15:04:52
Putting something in XML is an outstanding method of obfuscating it.
2011.01.31 15:19:01
Some (if not all) tech book authors must be getting paid based on the number of pages. I'll buy everything if someone starts Concise Books!
2011.01.31 18:09:30
Mumford & Sons FTW!
2011.01.31 21:08:16
My God, I've just realised that I wasn't yet following @apod - the site the internet's been invented for! Good to track the old buddy again.
2011.01.31 21:21:10
It's not hard for me to choose between the burgeoning overcompexity of Java and the pioneering flakiness of Ruby. Avant-garde FTW!


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