Tweets of December 2010
2010.12.01 08:04:22
I've just learned why no one calls on the JMX of our servers (besides most not knowing what it's good for): because it makes JBoss go down.
2010.12.01 19:46:41
I shall be touching code again, pretty soon. Only Java, but hey! (Seriously, the things I force myself to do for money sometimes sicken me.)
2010.12.01 19:49:56
Besides not tracking you, DuckDuckGo also avoids the gimmicks Google has gotten into recently and instead concentrates on delivering results
2010.12.02 08:50:01
@TotherAlistair Any chance of visiting Switzerland too? It's a damn nice place, you know… :-)
2010.12.02 08:56:26
TwitBird and Twitterrific blocks me. Osfoora seems to work. What gives?
2010.12.02 18:18:55
@TotherAlistair Wow, didn't know that. Still, keep us posted whenever you're around! Getting paid in CHF isn't exactly the worst nowadays:-)
2010.12.03 16:11:23
@alblue Well, if this is how you intend to tweet more, I'm getting concerned about what kind of blog posts to expect from you:-D
2010.12.03 22:05:42
@TwitBird Thanks Twitbird, get better soon! The others all suck in various ways:-)
2010.12.04 23:04:00
Well, they did let in:-) RT @stevie_chambers: Apparently the registrar has no sense of humour http://...
2010.12.05 13:55:56
The kids will dance to anything as long as it's Basement Jaxx. It must be the bass. Or the genes.
2010.12.07 09:03:13
@tweetingsapp Is it possible that you don't show conversation threads (on the iPhone) or am I missing something?
2010.12.07 21:03:16
What this WikiLeaks affair proves, is that we undeniably arrived in Orwell's 1984.
2010.12.07 21:17:11
1984 depicts a “world of perpetual war” - check -, “pervasive government surveillance” - check - and “incessant public mind control” - check
2010.12.10 08:38:04
In other news: I want TwitBird back!
2010.12.10 08:41:01
RT @KevlinHenney: SRP is not a class design principle: it's a code design principle. It applies to packages, classes, methods, loops, etc.
2010.12.10 08:57:15
Sometimes saying “it's twenty diameters in width” is better than saying nothing. – It's been two days and I'm still keepin on LOL.
2010.12.10 22:26:27
Yay, I've managed to track down a compact Apple keyboard on USB. Not having to switch off the keyboard adds a kind of nice touch to the Mac.
2010.12.11 09:10:13
RT @billynewport RT @darachennis RT @mdzimm RT @shaver “Knuth taught me the answers. Dijkstra taught me the questions.” http://...
2010.12.13 08:49:44
Of course, it must also be said, that the idea of living in a fully transparent society is a rather naiive one.
2010.12.13 20:45:21
Instead of bitching about DB2, I'll praise Postgres for saving my day. Installs from zip, runs without a service, impossible not to love it!
2010.12.15 00:28:34
One of Postgres and Toplink doesn't like the other. This dislike cost me a full workday. Tomorrow I'll win and bypass the quarelling couple.
2010.12.17 09:47:31
@logosity Now you made me jealous. I too would like to learn lolcat with that fluency! Is there a course for that? :-)
2010.12.17 18:40:57
@logosity Ah, thx. Learning languages from holy books, sounds like a reasonable and rewarding idea. Thought I'd have to acquire three cats!
2010.12.17 18:42:52
On the downside, I spend my days fighting the most obnoxious regression test environment ever. On the upside, there is one.
2010.12.17 23:00:50
All you hackers disappointed with delicious now please channel your frustration constructively into fixing Scuttle http://...
2010.12.17 23:05:56
Btw, true to my Cassandric reputation I've closed my delicious account months ago and moved everything over into Scuttle.
2010.12.17 23:08:24
Scuttle is full of good intentions and half decent, half braindead features. Would be on my list to contribute to: low effort, great impact.
2010.12.17 23:11:39
It's been two weeks without TwitBird and I dislike the other Twitter apps with every day a little bit more:-/
2010.12.21 08:30:56
Here's hoping that none of my bosses reads about EROEI and comes to the idea of applying it to our IT projects.
2010.12.21 20:06:25
It's proven. I can't and I won't touch type ever. But I'm happy this way if you're OK with it.
2010.12.22 22:52:07
I'll love living in the future when they'll get rid of the bloody caps lock!
2010.12.22 23:42:46
I'm pleased to report that according to Twitter I'm in good company. http://...
2010.12.23 12:57:37
@mfeathers Btw. re. internets: are you aware that it's virtually impossible to google (or duckduckgo:-) your blog? Had to go via twitter:-/
2010.12.24 12:50:49
Trying out a new way of becoming famous. Have just followed @xkcdrss and will RT every single tweet with a remark like “xkcd is on a roll!”.
2010.12.24 12:56:24
Where can I have my following list sorted by follow cost - i.e. tweet frequency? #lazyweb? #anyone? My friend Dunbar wants to know.
2010.12.24 13:05:31
@alblue Kudos for fighting the good fight! Shame on me: never had ZFS under my files:-( Perhaps, if one day you'll port it to the iPhone:-)
2010.12.24 13:05:55
Merry Christmas everyone!
2010.12.24 13:47:53
Dear Santa, if you exist, could you please prove it by answering all #lazyweb questions just for a day?
2010.12.24 19:46:16
I must have been good during the year for Santa brought me a Duerer album. Incomprehensibly astonishing purity. Clear runner-up to Velazquez.
2010.12.24 21:32:04
In the land where I'll be King, the telly will show The Life of Brian at every christmas.
2010.12.24 22:37:02
@polgfred Point taken. You shall be rewarded with some visualized music: http://...?v=LlvUepMa31o :-)
2010.12.25 22:52:38
Patterns can be pleasing too. http://...
2010.12.25 23:48:54
Pointless data visualizations are pointless. Evidence: Facebook vs. Twitter by the numbers. With loads of wowlessness. http://...
2010.12.26 23:23:52
“most of the world loves America, but not US imperialism”: Johan Galtung makes so much sense http://... - why can't US politics too?
2010.12.26 23:28:49
I want the following additional hardware buttons on the next iPhone: cancel, instant spellcheck and (yes…) back. But then I also don't.
2010.12.27 22:37:32
I, for one, welcome our new Marxist-Stallmanist comrades. RT @Cisco_Mobile Putin Orders #Russia to Move to #GNU / #Linux http://...
2010.12.28 08:32:33
And it's safe to say, this applies outside the US too:-/ RT @tottinge Hmmm. Meritocracy Myth is something to think about. http://...
2010.12.28 09:09:22
@raganwald I think it'd go more like “Failing that's why you are”
2010.12.28 12:27:19
Dual core - schmual core. Where are my kilocore, megacore, gigacore boxes? And by 'boxes' I mean laptops!
2010.12.28 12:28:22
Oh, and by 'boxes' I also meant iPhones:-)
2010.12.28 14:13:19
@pl4n3 But then aren't all efficient and feasible solutions to be based on the facts that are statistics?
2010.12.28 14:15:17
@pl4n3 Sure, it would be nicer wouldn't there be such an ethnicity/religion based assymetry, but alas, there is.
2010.12.28 14:40:20
@pl4n3 I understand and support your stance. Do find it though that for best results, more often than not, wishful thinking is to be avoided
2010.12.28 18:36:34
Me too. RT @JohnDCook Jaron Lanier makes me think. http://...
2010.12.29 09:25:20
Is anybody not shorting RIM yet?
2010.12.29 10:23:35
As if platform shoes weren't a big enough atrocity RT @jkordyback Teva Stiletto Heels should always be paired w/ socks. http://...
2010.12.29 10:39:29
@mindist Isn't anger, hatred, aggression beneficial in the survivalist sense of evolution and only a hindrance in the spiritual sense?
2010.12.29 10:43:12
Indeed! RT @mindist It is a humble realization, indeed, that even if the universe(s) never existed, mathematics still would. #thought #math
2010.12.29 11:03:08
Admits being confused whenever encountering a profile of someone with mathematical background proclaiming political or religious affiliation
2010.12.29 11:09:15
Is somewhat irritated by the fact that geek culture appears to embrace, even cultivate, a degree of immaturity.
2010.12.29 11:18:03
@mindist Yes, absolutely. I wasn't trying to argue for anger, only explain its rationale. Btw survivalist evolution is certainly not wise:-)
2010.12.30 13:06:42
Making me worried: RT @will_sargent New blog post, wherein I talk about why pair programming is not a fit for me: http://...
2010.12.30 15:04:29
@will_sargent Thx, you've pretty much reinforced my major concerns. My question: do you think it could work for you in ideal circumstances?
2010.12.30 16:14:10
@RonJeffries The real question here is, how far are you willing to tolerate arbitrary restrictions by irritable and violent minorities.
2010.12.30 16:21:33
@polgfred Right. Does that mean that I should give up on trying to introduce it for us? I'm already suspicious of several aspects of pairing
2010.12.30 20:40:45
I'd buy an iPad 2 straight away if it could get onto the net via the cable. Why is the wireless being forced, it's not a phone after all?


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