Tweets of November 2010
2010-11-01 13:23:42
And comes with a “web search bill of rights”. And is known as @blekko. RT @splattne Search engine http://... is online. via @stephanw
2010-11-01 13:34:20
I know that Google had seriously messed up something if I bump into two new search engines within a day. Check out @duckduckgo and @blekko!
2010-11-01 13:36:10
I don't know much about them yet, but I suppose it's needless to say that anything with ducks in its name is so much cooler than the rest:-)
2010-11-02 07:53:19
@logosity Alas, with your vote alone they wouldn't win the elections.
2010-11-02 13:51:25
Ah, btw, yes! RT @alblue Why must web servers assume a language because of my IP's geo lookup? My browser sends Accept-Language, damnit.
2010-11-02 18:34:31
What happened with phpMyId? Why is it deprecated?
2010-11-02 19:22:23
That's #positivember news! RT @FRESHthemovie Monsanto's going down! Great overview of Monsanto's REALLY bad year. http://...
2010-11-02 19:33:18
There are two kinds of themes for FF: those with button skins and those with images as backdrops. The third, with both, seems two be missing
2010-11-02 19:36:00
By the way, do we really fail 60% of all IT projects? Sounds insanely high. What's the definition of failure anyway? Hhmm…
2010-11-02 19:40:10
And I used DuckDuckGo all day and it did deliver decent results. Google I say, your days are numbered. The Duck shall quack on your funeral!
2010-11-02 20:54:54
@alblue @crazybob So these were the elections everybody's been talking about! Now I understand why the turmoil: Java is an emotional issue.
2010-11-03 17:08:44
@carlfish Yes, that's the scariest bit.
2010-11-03 17:09:08
Reorg in da house!
2010-11-03 20:25:59
Managers gonna manage.
2010-11-03 21:07:32
Why are there so many open source CMS systems around? And how do they make a living from it? And do they?
2010-11-04 07:04:44
@unclebobmartin @marick Interesting: aging democracy == downward spiral.
2010-11-04 10:41:23
Must check the calendar, though I'm pretty certain that Oracle took over Sun on the very birthday of PostgreSQL.
2010-11-04 13:39:03
Am listening to my old Volume compilations I'm astounded at the outstanding quality of material on them. What's the current day equivalent?
2010-11-04 14:33:48
Marc Fleury on what printing a trillion dollars means in http://...
2010-11-04 17:23:47
+1 RT @tottinge Bash's $() construct is still one of the best syntax improvements ever.
2010-11-05 08:07:16
I don't know Model Driven Development is supposed to work. I can't think straight if pretty girls are around.
2010-11-05 08:20:42
@tedneward Wow, Dude, bummers. Hope that nazi didn't throw a mug at your face:-)))
2010-11-05 16:56:29
@gaudol Any news on how the CPP plugin's doing?
2010-11-05 17:48:45
Today I got bitten by the experience of an open source zombie that goes by the name of MetriC++. Serves me well for being too optimistic:-/
2010-11-05 18:08:15
@wallingf I'm glad you could decipher the hidden meaning despite me having left out 'how':-)))
2010-11-05 18:10:29
I hereby promise - and you will be the witness - to proofread everything before hitting 'send'.
2010-11-05 18:12:16
The remaining errors will go on the account of my incompetence in the English language. Now. Is that an upper- or lowercase 'E'?
2010-11-05 20:46:40
I still recall Bruce Eckel going crazy for Flex, not long ago. I wonder, what he's up to nowadays. I used to like his stuff. Check this out:
2010-11-05 20:47:45
I'm beginning to wonder if the sum total pain caused by the box-and-arrow crowd has outweighed the occasional usefulness of UML. – C. Gross
2010-11-05 20:50:58
I'm pretty certain about my verdict on UML: a practical idea that should never have left the whiteboard.
2010-11-05 21:04:48
LOL “There is a small section of the population that will be happy with anything. Microsoft did actually sell some Zunes” @DanielEran in …
2010-11-05 21:04:58
RT @DanielEran New: Windows Phone Crisis: how Dell can make things even worse for WP7 - http://...
2010-11-05 21:08:38
@coreyhaines Speaking about ultimate meaning: when are you going to be in Switzerland? It's hard to remain a #positivember w/o guidance:-)
2010-11-05 21:16:34
@coreyhaines Yeah, tried to entertain him with raclette but he didn't try any of our hungarian cuisine:-)
2010-11-05 21:17:22
@garybernhardt @coreyhaines Thanks Gary, I'm truly glad you've enjoyed it!
2010-11-05 21:27:06
@coreyhaines Would be great! Just put out a tweet when planning your trip. And I can promise some truly #finometel things:-D
2010-11-05 21:31:40
Just go your way. The mainstream's going to be elsewhere. RT @bradfordcross When contrarian is mainstream, anti-contrarian is the way to go.
2010-11-05 22:23:52
@marick Wish I could've seen that too. Possibly it would've helped to erase my nightmarish flashbacks of the days I spent with Rational Rose
2010-11-05 22:39:16
I blame my early days with Forth for preferring to comment in the Reverse Polish style on RTs.
2010-11-06 20:45:09
I, for one, welcome my shiny new fourth generational portable computerized telephone. I mean, overlord, really.
2010-11-06 20:49:50
Same here. RT @jasongorman It's been a week of disappointments, but I'm not going to let it get me down. Onwards and upwards! #positivember
2010-11-07 09:11:29
@tottinge It depends… I'm trying to enforce a 150 limit but with your 117 perhaps there's room for one more? :-)
2010-11-07 09:17:28
@chadfowler @mfeathers I endorse the case of Murakami and would also recommend “Kafka on the shore” and “Hard boiled wonderland”.
2010-11-07 10:05:59
@mfeathers Ugh, re. Murakami: sorry, next time I'll read ahead:-)
2010-11-07 10:10:29
@chadfowler @mfeathers IMO his voice is somewhat clumsy when in the material world and only gets fluent in his dreamlike alternate universes
2010-11-07 16:26:45
This 4G is nice indeed. The 3GS to 4G step is where quantitative changes turned qualitative.
2010-11-07 16:52:03
@coreyhaines I find that most times they're used as an excuse for not having to think things through and as a lame kind of insurance policy.
2010-11-07 16:53:58
@coreyhaines Their chief damage, then, is the habit of avoidance of thinking. Besides Big Design.
2010-11-07 16:56:18
Defining Design: RT @coreyhaines Why 'refactor towards a pattern' when you can simply refactor, let the rules of simple design guide you.
2010-11-07 17:02:45
@alblue @coreyhaines Perhaps they should've been called Thought Patterns. And not take hundreds of pages for defining some simple words:-)
2010-11-07 17:05:14
Anyone thinking well would arrive in a Design Pattern anyways - when really called for (seldom the case). Their only use is the dictionary.
2010-11-07 18:51:35
@alblue Yeah, I guess this was about different aspects. Aligning our meta-structures vs. avoiding unused complexity. Both kinda valid to me.
2010-11-07 18:53:18
@garybernhardt Day trip? Budapest is a day trip from Vienna. Bratislava is a suburb in US terms:-)
2010-11-07 19:05:34
Observing a tendency here. The pragmatic school of design via TDD vs. the Cathedral. Not a vs. though - more like an approximation, ideally.
2010-11-07 19:19:45
@garybernhardt R u sure? That sounds sad. Not for you: Vienna is charming yet rocking (I'm not aware of their computery scene though:-)
2010-11-07 19:21:53
@garybernhardt Btw you *must* try a Sacher cake at the identically named hotel. It's chocolate with some jam in it. Like the Gods wanted it.
2010-11-07 19:30:48
@garybernhardt ÖBB Scotty (ex App Store) tells me there are several direct conns per hour, taking abt. an hour. http://...
2010-11-07 20:00:11
I may be a wallpaper freak but I'm so not going to change this screen-lock backdrop in the next year:-) http://...
2010-11-08 08:29:49
And in the fairyland of open sources, one doesn't put a big flaming THIS PROJECT IS DEAD stamp on the site but hides this in obscure forums.
2010-11-08 09:13:48
What do I love more than digging around in third party sources for hints of usage of some freeware? Ah, I know: getting things done!
2010-11-08 15:07:38
As much as I dislike C++ (the language), my real problem is that pretty much everything around it stinks. Today: continuous integration:-/
2010-11-08 20:02:18
I know an iPhone app is from Germany if it has about a hundred switches in the settings dialog. Man-machine FTL:-(
2010-11-09 13:54:48
The glossy screen of the iPhone 4 is astonishingly beautiful to look at. Too bad that one can hardly read what's behind it. A women's phone?
2010-11-09 14:22:58
Instead of putting something together now I'm working on a presentation explaining why quality metrics in the wasteland of C/C++ are a FAIL.
2010-11-09 14:23:34
I've got my ways of being productive, you know:-/
2010-11-09 15:17:42
@polgfred As for myself, I certainly do. As for the authors of trendy integrationware (Hudson, Sonar, et al), I'm pretty certain they don't.
2010-11-09 15:20:04
@polgfred +2 :-)
2010-11-09 20:30:09
Had to kill the laptop at work using the power button. The drive's encrypted. Don't know yet how am I going to sleep with my fingers crossed
2010-11-10 08:12:00
Just realised that my follow limit of 150 is almost exactly Dunbar's number, 148! Watch me being all scientific without even trying.
2010-11-10 13:23:11
What does it say about the place I'm in if the best developers all want to “do something else” in the future? Programming is 4 REAL, people!
2010-11-10 13:24:19
I'll give you my keyboard when you take it from my cold, dead hands!
2010-11-10 13:36:09
@pl4n3 Good point, every movement needs a three letter acronym:-)
2010-11-10 14:27:06
@polgfred Nothing wrong with your plans, I supose I'm just missing at least a few diehard geeks.
2010-11-10 14:49:10
My guilty pleasures in programming include having fond memories of the -> dereferencing operator of C. Still think it looks funky.
2010-11-10 17:52:20
And that's what Python does! But we'll take him out!!!
2010-11-10 18:32:04
Why would one drink beer that tastes like an explosion in a chemical plant unless one doesn't have a) a tastebud and b) a clue about beer.
2010-11-10 22:20:36
@jasongorman They're still somewhat better though than the bunch of total losers Gordon Ramsay picked to shout at in his US show.
2010-11-10 22:23:48
The stock markets are officially crazy.
2010-11-12 21:09:30
Just cancelled three tweets in a row because I didn't find them important.
2010-11-13 14:49:34
Yes and I didn't smoke before:-) RT @mfeathers iPhones are the new cigarettes.
2010-11-13 17:57:40
Wait! What? How? Wow! RT @jamesgolick I had absolutely no idea my iphone could do street view. _Easily_ 10x better than the web version.
2010-11-15 07:44:38
I love you all and everything but how is it possible to live in the US?
2010-11-15 07:48:32
As for last week's news, I don't think we've really appreciated what Apple going OpenJDK means. We can expect great things from Java again!
2010-11-15 07:49:46
That renewed hope for Java is my piece of #positivember news for today.
2010-11-15 07:57:22
There are absolutely no apologies from me for not reserving one core exclusively for the UI on multicore boxes. Lags and jumpiness in 2010?
2010-11-15 08:05:07
Sad! RT @mtnygard Funny! The Microsoft store in Mall of America is right across the hall from the Apple store.
2010-11-15 08:07:25
The trouble is with the operating systems which elevated decades old server based threading concepts onto systems with user interfaces.
2010-11-15 10:13:20
Sing this corrosion to me!
2010-11-15 10:14:59
All my followers should wish that the day never comes when I can push now-listening tweets with a click from Tuniac. And so do I:-)
2010-11-15 10:17:31
Btw, I've set DuckDuckGo as my primary search engine in FF a week ago and am so far impressed! Da Goog can go and mine their own business;-)
2010-11-15 10:20:18
@stevie_chambers Did they pass the nudie scan or the touch-up rooms?
2010-11-15 13:11:01
RT @bob_koss If you don't trust your developers, there isn't a process in the world that's going to help you. Fix your real problem.
2010-11-15 13:14:28
@polgfred Good point, I think it's this very sense of normality that gets lost in the unceasing stream of scary news.
2010-11-15 13:18:00
Of course, there was some deep irony in this one: RT @infinitary Just cancelled three tweets in a row because I didn't find them important.
2010-11-15 18:27:32
@garybernhardt @marick I'm manual all the way via Synk Backup (which rocks).
2010-11-15 18:46:52
@coreyhaines Well, if you're after #positivember tweets, I guess you'll just have to follow me here:-)
2010-11-15 18:57:27
@coreyhaines Fair enough, I'm glass-half-empty beyond repair;-)
2010-11-15 19:42:47
• @markhneedham I think the best technology empowers without getting in the way. Seamless facilitation leads to naturalness to transparence.
2010-11-16 07:10:17
Thought for today: globals are an antipattern.
2010-11-16 17:13:12
Was it? That's pitiful. And so unnecessary. RT @ToddWalker Well, it's The Beatles. Little Boy Who Cried Wolf? Careful, Apple.
2010-11-16 17:17:50
Oh yeah? Mine feels lighter than that! :-) Cool piece of trivia: RT @TopologyFact Credit cards are golden rectangles.
2010-11-16 17:25:27
I think the second faulty hardware component of the iMac is now replaced. A RAM chip brought random crashes and the drive used to spin down.
2010-11-16 17:27:36
Dear Apple, instead of piling up billions could you please watch your component quality? Thanks
2010-11-17 07:23:28
@TotherAlistair Thank you! You are my man:-) Didn't see many travel beyond his short stories or poems but it's well worth it.
2010-11-17 07:30:13
@TotherAlistair Plus an unbelievable, upsetting, sad piece of trivia: he didn't get a Nobel prize. Them Swedes can have my used socks.
2010-11-17 08:02:36
@mfeathers I also recommend his volumes of stories. Tloen, The Library, his various labyrinths, all dreamlike, all alluring, all mesmerising.
2010-11-17 08:38:17
@Vaguery I'm just afraid that if people don't follow its history, all of Uqbar may disappear. (My favourite. One of them, anyways:-)
2010-11-17 08:40:24
RT @tottinge I don't have measurements to prove it, but I suspect the time programmers waste idly is dwarfed by that of working wastefully.
2010-11-17 08:54:21
I think I'm going to wear a cap with “correlation != causation” written on it from now on in every meeting. And outside.
2010-11-17 10:11:12
I refuse to put 'foo' and 'bar' into my examples unless I also get to add 'baz'. Baz is the funkiest of them all!
2010-11-17 13:06:19
Dear _why, when you come back, please fix the infinite loop in wipe_mutterings_from. And add more chunky bacon to the recipe!
2010-11-17 13:31:16
Dear _why, thank you for fixing the infinite loop in wipe_mutterings_from without coming back. The makings of a great Rubyist include magic!
2010-11-17 16:21:28
@marick OK, I'll put that on my shortlist, but that's where it ends. Peeking into the internets for hacker etimology made my head spin:-)
2010-11-17 16:24:16
@polgfred It definitely correlates with my frustration about (allegedly) educated people who can't think straight; whether that causes it…
2010-11-17 16:29:44
@TotherAlistair Ah, the mysteries of computing… What do our legends tell about us? I may start using the names of Nordic Gods instead:-)
2010-11-17 17:09:13
@TotherAlistair me too
2010-11-17 17:28:11
RT @garybernhardt Three things programmers are not allowed to not know: 1) Lisp, 2) Unix, and 2.5) one of the One True Editors.
2010-11-17 19:53:03
Today I learned that Bunny Hopping is not necessary any more when doing heavy duty branching in Subversion. Would still prefer Git though:-/
2010-11-17 20:00:05
@tottinge Don't worry, Eclipse's just as bad. It's a straightforward outcome of Bloater's law which in turn is the flipside of Moore's law.
2010-11-17 20:39:37
OMG WOW OMG AMAZING WOW OMG WOW RT @daringfireball Apple Has Exclusive Digital Download Rights to The Beatles Until 2011: http://...
2010-11-17 21:17:11
@alblue Am just watching The Apprentice from the snowy plains of … Milton Keynes:-)
2010-11-18 07:40:29
Excellent. So can I have non-XML config files then please? RT @JohnDCook You probably misunderstand XML http://... from @lemire
2010-11-18 07:45:16
Here's hoping that one day the waves of SOAP's collapse reach the shores of the island of config files. What were they thinking? Were they?
2010-11-18 08:13:59
Now, all of a sudden, everybody's so wise about XML. Yet I don't recall too many shouting “you're doing it wrong” when it was the Messiah.
2010-11-18 20:22:16
The nice thing about living in Switzerland is that we'll go down last. That's my #positivember tweet for today.
2010-11-19 19:03:47
@pragkirk Araxis rules! It does cost a bit but I keep on renewing the license so that I can get their latest.
2010-11-19 19:07:24
Give up this ”… is going to win and then will own the internet” idiocy! Nobody's going to own the internet, it's impossible by definition.
2010-11-19 19:08:37
When in TDD: RT @jasongorman It's advisable to think ahead. Just as long as you don't code ahead :)
2010-11-19 19:18:25
@polgfred @marick What I missed is that the author didn't get into the depths of under what conditions does a democracy turn into mob rule.
2010-11-22 10:38:08
Is that possible that in 2010 Firefox still can't import a profile?
2010-11-23 06:09:43
RT @jasongorman [blogged] Nothing Killed Waterfall. It Evolved Into Half-Arsed Agile http://...
2010-11-24 21:03:41
+1 RT @bokmann If you think static typing is a desirable feature, then you rely too much on your compiler and not enough on your tests.
2010-11-24 23:57:31
@polgfred Having written my last compiler about two decades ago, this isn't really a problem for me:-)
2010-11-25 00:01:25
@polgfred And, though that also was long ago, in my fond memories of the days of NextStep, Objective-C was neither too static nor too slow.
2010-11-25 07:32:20
There was a video demonstrating pair programming when it's done right and showing various failure modes. Does the #lazyweb know where it is?
2010-11-25 07:50:55
@psnively @stevedekorte Not necessarily. They had bubbles fuelled in part by the Euro and now can't take corrective measures because of it.
2010-11-25 19:48:16
For really good programming you need really good chocolate. Here you find the latter illustrated. Yum. http://...
2010-11-26 08:02:55
@stevedekorte A monetary union without a fiscal union and with limited potential for relocation (for cultural reasons) is a dubious recipe.
2010-11-27 09:16:12
Thanks to @joefiorini, @garybernhardt, @coreyhaines, @jamesgolick and @marick for helping out with my presentation on testing and twitter:-)
2010-11-27 18:50:39
RT @raganwald “Computer Science is no more about computers than Astronomy is about telescopes.”‚ÄîE. W. Dijkstra
2010-11-27 20:11:48
Sorry, no computery tweets today. What else? Next time I'll do an A-B tasting with classic and buffala mozzarella b/c I'm not convinced yet.
2010-11-27 21:12:27
@garybernhardt Vienna's charming, hope you'll have a great time. Don't forget to try the Sacher cake and check out the Hundertwasser houses.
2010-11-28 15:13:12
@marick She made some decent tunes. Whenever Tuniac lands in Liz Phair, I turn random shuffle off.
2010-11-28 15:24:38
@coreyhaines It surely doesn't look like something you'd eat, rather than something that would eat you:-))) Fine dining by Cthulhu FTW!
2010-11-28 18:32:07
@garybernhardt pairNIC will show name only. DynDNS has full privacy option.
2010-11-29 20:14:22
Lex Monsanto is going to “criminalize seed saving” and “give corporations … a monopoly over seeds” http://... - #negativember news
2010-11-29 20:53:29
Now, let's think of a computery tweet… I got one: my other computer is an iPhone!
2010-11-29 23:34:07
Yes. It beats me, just how Maven got a reputation of a good tool. RT @davetron5000 Finally got maven shell running. Slow and full of fail.
2010-11-29 23:34:34
Maven. Because Ant didn't suck enough.
2010-11-29 23:35:22
Maven. Because there's still ample place in XML's hellhole.
2010-11-29 23:36:41
Maven. Because we know your product better than you.
2010-11-29 23:42:48
Yes. It's a boom. Wherever you look. RT @aidy_lewis The world economy is heading towards the third super-cycle: http://...
2010-11-29 23:45:59
@chadfowler Throwing up on the floor after too much alcohol? Use the sick bags! :-)
2010-11-30 12:16:33
@haruki_zaemon It must be this net neutrality thing. All participants are neutral but some are more neutral than you :-)
2010-11-30 12:20:29
@mfeathers Yeah, but you're out of touch with reality: everything goes 3D nowadays! :-)
2010-11-30 12:23:57
(OK, I'll stop this smilie thing for a while.)


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