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The Bad Page

No love for these.

The Crappy Lot

  • MySQL, because it's not an actual relational database, but a gigantic ball of cheats made to write somewhere, somehow and fast, then made to look like a relational database. And while I don't know about you, I prefer my databases to actually be reliable and well designed, like an OS, so that my data will be safe. Anyways, here's a link to begin your own journey of discovery, on why you should avoid MySQL.
  • Mongo, aka the UDP of databases. It's all nice and fast for a while, until you realise it's only fast because it's full of cheap tricks. Anyways, read this why you should never ever ever use Mongo. And here's why you should take Couchbase over Mongo.

The Unfriendly Bunch

  • hhm…
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