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Here I am, sitting in this quiet little corner of the web, trying to figure out what's worth writing about – after having spent a day at work, then the rest with my family, with some professional community, and with my other interests. Not too much time for way too many ideas. When the web's already full anyways. And everything's been told, many times.

Hence the spartan site. But hey, here's a bit about me.

I was educated in the field of Computer Science, at least half of which consisted of various kinds of Maths, most of them highly revered by me, alas in a rather one-sided affection. And so it came to be that my Holy Trinity of Computering constists of E. W. Dijkstra, C. A. R. Hoare and D. E. Knuth. I have huge respect to them all. Based on these three anchor points one can pretty much triangulate my exact standing in the field.

Then I spent over two decades in the industry, in places small and large, moving around quite a bit, mainly doing back-ends. Six years of that were in Objective-C (on NextStep) which had a rather strong impact on me, also because of the cleanroom inspired methodology and the CRC-cards based design. The rest is C++ and Java. Nowadays am dabbling in Ruby to compensate for my overall lack of programming at work.

I currently live in Zurich - after Budapest, Munich and Perth (Australia). I can be found at various places, as shown on the contact page.

This should be enough about me for now.

Here's a link back home.

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